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Smile update

"Do you Still Remember those Awkward Days in School During Exams"? 1. When a bright student tells the invigilator that question 4 has a problem, but you have already answered it...😳😜 2. …
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1.⭕ My beautiful Lady, if you don't know how to cook, don't worry good man will still marry you. But I pray that it won't be my brother or son πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ 2.I'll marry u, I'll marry u …
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Please Advice Me

"My fiancee told me last weekend that she was bored and i promised to take her out within the week, but i forgot and she called me during the week to remind me ;to be honest i had no plans to …
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1. THE TASTERS: Just 16 slice of plantain that these ones are frying, they have already eaten 10 from tasting. 2.THE RUNNERS: These ones are major enemies of hot oil. They can't stand and put a…
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Just fun

Bola is back again oo 1*yesterday night I was sitting outside trying to enjoy the cool breeze and fast network But all the mosquitoes decide to carry battle axe!* 2: *On My Wedding Day, any woman t…
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