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The call-up letter is the document that validates your mobilization (or your call to service). It will be available for printing any moment from now.

Here are four important information you will find on your letter:

👉 The call-up letter will indicate the State you are being posted for your national service.

👉 It also contains the date you are to report at the orientation camp. Due to the COVID-19 procedures, it is very important that you adhere to the date indicated on your letter.

👉 It will indicate the name and address of the orientation camp you are to report to. NYSC may post you to Abuja but direct you to camp in Kogi or Nasarawa. Same goes for some that will be posted to Lagos, Borno, Yobe, etc. It is important you verify the camp address and not just the State alone.

👉 It also contains the basic documents needed for registration in camp like your results, call-up letter, ID card, etc.


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