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Effect of effective communication in any organization is a paramount importance as the organization itself. This is because an organization cannot attain it’s set of objective and goals without effective communication on decision making process which is vital in everyday management function of an organization be it public or private. Effect of effective communication on decision making process which will be clearly discoursed in the course of this research work which comprises of five chapters. Background of the study was introduced, statement of the problem and objective of the study, it also outline clearly the literature review on concept, process, types, barriers enhancing effective communication: the research design and methodology, use of sample percentage, hypothesis where formulated and tested, some findings were made and reviewed, based on the findings recommendations were made. One of the findings is that ineffective communication in an organization can lead to conflict and confusion, as regard to his findings. The researcher recommended that training programs should be organized by management where expertise will educate both management and employees to how to communicate with each other freely without any barriers and more effectively to achieve organizational goal and objective.




1.1             Background to the Study

Communication is a complex human activity required in our daily activities that goes on in circle in which where we expect it to end, may in fact, turn out to be its beginning and that is why communication is regarded as a process.

Communication as a process is a vital tools for organizational effectiveness.

The fundamental way in which people organize is through the process of communication. The survival of the organization depends on the extent to which people can effectively and efficiently negotiate and persuade one another within one another within the complex organizational settings.

However, based on the above assertion, it is obvious that organization depends solely on communication to be effective as well as enhancing their performance at all level.

The organizational structure of every organization hinges on communication as a vital tool. Objective of the organization are efficiently and effectively transmitted from the hierarchical area of the organization to the subordinates in a simple language avoiding registers that are ambiguous in nature.

Management should be able to get rid of all communication factor such as barriers i.e. noise, semantics etc. all these factors that affects the performance of organization will be chronologically dealt with in the course of this write-up using Nigeria Bottling Company as a case study in proffering solution to the existing predicament that hinders the effectiveness of any organization.

1.2             Statement of the Problem

The frequent breakdown or fluctuation in communication in an organization is one of the manager’s basic problems in improving organizational effectiveness and performance.

In every organization, some of the barriers to communication are enumerated below: (Technological constraints) in organizations where advanced technological instruments are use to communicate, most staff finds it difficult to learn how to use new modern technological devices, machines or equipment.

In most organization there are problem of semantics (understanding language) used by staff. This could be interaction between employee’s managers and subordinates. Organization where there is a different language barrier, it is very difficult in communicating. Therefore communication is a vital tool for improving organizational performance. (Noise) communication is regarded as a process, vital tool for organizations effectiveness. In an organization where there is noise (it could be noise from machines used in the organization or the environment in which the organization is located). Some employee’s finds it difficult to concentrate in their job when they are being disturbed by environmental pollutions like noise, thereby limiting their effectiveness and efficiency.

Planning is the fundamental factors of business. An organization that is not well planned cannot achieve its objectives or meet target. Planning is very essential I every organization, it helps in decision making, setting target, coordination of operations and others. Communication can breakdown when there is lack of planning. 

As a result of the above mentioned factors, the research intend to address it, establishes a standard to enhance the performance of an organization through effective communication bearing in mind that communication is the bedrock of achievement in terms of organization and its personnel.

1.3             Objective of the Study

i.                             To determine the relationship between effective communication and decision making process in guarantee trust bank.

ii.                          To assess the effect of noise on effective communication in guarantee trust bank.

iii.                        To determine the Technological constraints on effective communication in guarantee trust bank.

1.4             Research Question

i.                    What is the relationship between effective communication and decision making process in guarantee trust bank?

ii.                 To what extent does noise affect communication in guarantee trust bank?

iii.               What is the technological constraint of effective communication in guarantee trust bank?

1.5             Statement of Hypothesis  

Ho:  There is no significant relationship between effective communication and decision making process in guarantee trust bank.

Hi:  There is a significant relationship between effective communication and decision making process in guarantee trust bank.

Ho:  There is no significant relationship between noise and effective communication in guarantee trust bank.

Hi:  There is a significant relationship between noise and effective communication in guarantee trust bank.

Ho:  There is no significant relationship between technological constraint and effective communication in guarantee trust bank.

Hi:  There is a significant relationship between technological constraint and effective communication in guarantee trust bank.

1.6       Scope and Limitation of the Study

Communication is instrumental to the achievement of high profit in organization. This therefore underlines its importance in the effective management in an organization which forms the basis of this study by ascertaining what role it could play in an organization.

To this end, the scope of the research will be narrowed to investigating communication as a vital tool for organizational effectiveness, Nigeria Bottling Company as a case study.

The research is limited by the following constraints such as time, financial constraints, difficulty in data collection, an accurate response from all respondents and the unwillingness on the part of some information that will aid a comprehensive study.

Nevertheless, significant percent of the employees provide the information necessary for the research to be carried out successfully to a logical conclusion.

1.7                Significance of the Study

The significance of this study cannot be over emphasized; the recommendation of this study if duly implemented will invariably show how communication ensures effectiveness in an organization. The free flow of information or message will bring managers and employees together thereby, enhancing group work which will lead to higher productivity, employee’s performance, increase the research by students and solve the problem of ineffective communication in an organization.

1.8             Historical Background of Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)

Guaranty Trust Bank plc is a foremost Financial Institution with business outlays spanning Anglophone and Francophone West Africa, East Africa and Europe. The Bank presently has an Asset Base of over N3.287trillion and employs over 10,000 professionals in Nigeria, Cote D'Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and the United Kingdom.  

Established in 1990, on a foundation of excellence, professionalism and best practices, the Bank’s consistent delivery of innovative financial solutions and exceptional customer experiences has enabled it to record year on year growth in clientele base and key financial indices since inception. The Bank's operation style, staff conduct and service delivery models are built on 8 core principles; Simplicity, Professionalism, Service, Friendliness, Excellence, Trustworthiness, Social Responsibility and Innovation. These Principles are known as The Orange Rules which reflects the Bank's vibrant Orange corporate colour. 

At GTBank we believe that of far greater importance to us, beyond providing first class service, is the role we play in developing our host communities. Hence, Social Responsibility forms a critical part of the GTBank business model and a significant share of our annual profit is channelled to strategic high impact projects that improve Education, Community Development, the Art and Environment. 

The Bank's achievements over the years has led to numerous accolades in recognition of excellent service delivery, innovation, corporate social responsibility and good corporate governance. In 2016, GTBank received several national and international awards for product and service innovation and sound corporate governance practices, such as: The Best Banking Group by World Finance Magazine, The Most Innovative African Bank by The African Banker Magazine, and The Best Bank in Nigeria and Best Digital Bank in Africa by Euromoney Magazine. The Bank was also recognised as the 2016 Most Innovative Ai SRI 30 Company at the African Investor Awards and dominated the E-payment space by taking home six awards at the Electronic Payment Incentive Scheme (EPIS) awards organised by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in conjunction with the Nigeria Inter-bank Settlement System (NIBSS) for the 2016 calendar year. 

At Guaranty Trust Bank plc, our vision is to build an enduring Proudly African and Truly International Institution that plays a fundamental role as a Platform for Enriching Lives by building strong, value adding relationships with our customers, stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.

1.9       Definition of Terms

Business: Business is an activity that provides goods and services necessary to a nation’s standard of living.

Communication:  according to Cherry (19957), communication refers to the sharing of ideas, fact or opinion, information and understanding. It is the transfer of transmission of information and understanding from one person to another.

Effectiveness:  Something that works very well and produce the expected and intended results.

Encoding: Simply means putting a message in a manner or language that is understood able to other party.

Management:  The ability to plan organizes and maintains resources to achieve a specific goal.

Organization: organization is a body of people working together for a purpose.

Process: series of operation used in making something.

Role: functional or parts played or carried out by an employee or manager.

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