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  • Holandia yogurt Is Expensive, But It Does Not Quench Thirst, Like Ordinary Water.
  • O'level(WASC/SSCE) is just an Ordinary certificate but without it you can't obtain a degree, Master's and PhD.
  • That Thing Called ‘Ordinary’ Does Not Mean It Is Not Valuable.
  • Water Might Be ‘Ordinary’, But Without It, There Is No Life.
  • Value Ordinary People! They Can Save your life.
  • Don’t Be Too Proud To Respond, when your Gateman greets you.
  • Don't Be too Proud to adjust When That Junior Staff Calls Your attention to Issues.
  • Don't Be Too Proud To Listen To The Advice Of Your Followers, because Some Of Them Are Even Better Leaders. You Are Only Privileged.
  • Don't Be Too Proud To Listen To Your Subordinates As A Leader, because You Don't Know everything.
  • Remember, it was an "ordinary" man that presented Solomon with the bed of Queen Sheba before he could blink his eyes.
  • If You Treat The Ordinary People In Your Life Like Garbage, You May Die With Your Ailments.
  • Low-Class People Are Not Necessarily Low Life People.
  • Who Says You Are Better Than That Ordinary People?
  • Those Ordinary People Were also Made By God.
  • Don't Allow Your Pride To Destroy You, Call That Ordinary People, He or She may be Ready To Help You.
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