A lot of us have different notions about long distance relationships. According to some, if you are in a long distance relationship, you are still single. Many people believe long distance relationships don't really last. From my own view, it's because we don't know how to maintain a long distance relationship. There are many long distance relationship that led to marriage. Below are ways to maintain a long distance relationship:
1. Communicate with your partner every day. If you want to embark on a long distance relationship, ensure both of you communicate everyday.Technology has made This easier, spend more time with your partner by doing video call.This is the secret of many successful long distance relationships. If you communicate with your partner everyday, you won't feel his or Her absence that much.
2. Stay away from bad vibes or people giving you bad opinions about your girlfriend or boyfriend. Don't stay around friends Who tell you that your partner can't be loyal because of the distance. Staying with such people who affect you psychologically and it's going to affect the relationship.
3. Both parties should be honest with each other. If you know your partner is not honest with you, don't embark on long distance relationship. This is because honestly matters a lot if you want to maintain a long distance relationship. There will be days that only honesty will save the relationship. Let's assume you have not been online for days and your partner is worried or thinking some other thing. Your partner will believe you when you tell the reason because of the honesty you built.
4. Stay away from unhealthy jealousy. Unhealthy jealousy is the reason why many long distance relationships are short-lived. You start getting too jealous and some bad ideas come into your mind. Anytime your partner is not online or not picking your call, you assume he's with someone else. Never assume that your partner is cheating if you are not sure.
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