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Types of Speeches:

There are 3 main types of Speeches:
(i) Persuasive Speech: This is a type of speech often used to Convince an audience or a person to take a cause of action. You want someone to do something for you: maybe, to buy your product or to take a stand with you on an opinion or a point of reason-you are trying to persuade that person. Persuasive speakers often use emotions and facts to present things to people or audiences.
(ii) Motivational Speeches: This is a money making, popular speech type: it is used in seminars and conferences. A Speech that makes you believe in yourself; that propels people to want to better themselves. This type of Speech essentially lifts people's spirit and help them to build self esteem or sense of worth. It helps a team to achieve a goal. Do you have a child who feels he can't do well in a subject or a friend who is feeling worthless then you need to learn Motivational Speeches. Employers can use this type of Speech to encourage their workers to make better SALES OR INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY.
(iii) Inspirational Speech:
This is a Speech that makes you to see possibility where you see impossibility. This type of Speech often use historical figures or people who have succeeded where you see failure to make you believe you can. It's almost an offspring of Motivational Speech, the only difference is that it makes allusions to things or situations more.
Other types includes:
(iv.) Pitch Speech: This type of speech tend to influence people to support a product, idea or a solution.
If you have ever seen in movies, where a an employee is trying to convince his company, board of directors to make a decision on his favour or take a particular course of actions with you, then that a pitch Speech. In writing form this is called Copy writing, that's what convince most of you to join this training.
(Vi)Debate Speech
(Vii) Demonstrative Speech.
( viii) Informative Speech.
(ix) Explanatory Speech.
(This is a step by step guide on how to do a particular thing.When a food TV host explains how a particular food is made with a recipe.)
(A) Impromptu:
This is a scenario where you don't get the chance to prepare for a speech. You are called upon to make a speech at the moment without much preparation. You have to give a comment to a topic, express an opinion on a matter or make a contribution to a discussion.
Examples of where You make Impromptu Speeches:
- Meetings: Company meetings, Board meetings, Age grade, Religious gathering.
- Class rooms: A lecturer can call you up to answer a question.
Note: You need to have and develop strong reasoning skills to succeed at impromptu Speeches. This involves you reading wide to improve your intellectual horizons; watching the news:been aware of your immediate environment.
( B) Prepared Speeches:
- At the venue preparations
- Extended time preparations
Example: Invitations to professional gatherings i.e talks at seminars
( b) class presentations
(c) Some types of Debate, radio, TV, Conferences, Presentations for Post graduate seminars, lectures.
Speech making is not a performance, but an ART of communication.
Speaking involves opening your mouth and making sounds, audible sounds that people can relate to through their understanding of the language, you have chosen to use. Your Speech can be heard but may not make sense, yet you are speaking.
Communication involves using signs and symbols to that make sense to transfer information to an audience or a group of people.
How To overcome Stage Fright Tips:
1. Focus On your Delivery
The message is more important. Tell yourself that they are here to hear you. Why did they come, what are they waiting for you. For a few minutes, just focus on being present. Of being there, You are the spectacle, they have come to appreciate you like a beautiful picture. Have you ever Seen a beautiful picture turn away from been admired?
Say this to yourself:👇
I am able to speak fluently
I am able to speak with confidence
I am able to speak with confidence.
The 3 C's of Delivery:
(2.)What could be the worst?
What is the worst thing that can happen, focus on your message. What is the worst that can happen?
You can't say, that's the truth, just be in the moment and enjoy yourself like you are eating your favourite meal undisturbed by the circumstances.
( What is your favourite meal?) AN EXAMPLE
(3.) Eye Contact:
Now don't focus on those who are not listening or watching you. Focus on that one person who you have picked from the crowd, who is paying attention. Now that one person is your audience, not the others.
Keep scanning the head of the heads of the audience, when that one person is no longer change to another person. You are already progressing, can you see?
You are an amazing speaker.
(3.) Diaphragm breaths:
Hold your diaphragm, just below your rib cage and take deep long breaths before any Speech. This could help calm you.
Inhale slowly and exhale slowly. Do that for a few minutes, maybe ten times. After that you will see that you would be calm: so calm you are already for your Speech.
Where is that fear again?
Is gone, far gone, are we together?
(4.)Research your Speech:
Prepare for every Speech when you get the time. Take the time absorb the material, remember your audience when to leave there with something new. When you are prepared confidence will naturally and gradually be in you.
(5) Arrive the Venue Early:
Some people have a habit of late going to an occasion or event. NOW THIS IS BAD! Really bad , in Africa or Nigeria they say is African man time. Go to your venue and take charge of the venue.
I Have a course and Props and Rules of Venue for Speech that will come up after this training , take the time to be a part of it and learn more.
(6.) Keep calm, dont rush through the Speech.
Some people are prone, to Speaking fast when they are nervous; don't do this stay calm. Stay calm and speak like a wise speaker that you are ,I mean you, you are really wise.
(7.) Double Check Your Materials:
Ensure your materials are well arranged and everything is where they should be. Don't use a disorganised sheet of paper. Bind your papers properly, use the right colours of pen to lay emphasis. That way ,you won't feel stuck or nervous of discovering that one of your materials is missing. Imagine searching for your materials, in the podium. Do you know how terrible that can be?
2021 (C) BOLAJI

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